What to Expect at the Church

What to Expect at the Church

Fr. Tim Devine, CC, our pastor, looks around the semi-circle of pews sloping gently towards the base of the altar at St. Maurice. He spreads his arms wide as if to embrace, from corner to corner, the many parishioners who have come for Mass, flashes his trademark smile, and is about to begin his homily…when a baby cries. Another burbles enchantingly. A third infant spots a buddy in the choir loft and yells a greeting. Unfazed, Fr. Tim begins to speak in his friendly, down-to-earth style. He has no notes. It’s easier to speak from the heart that way.

Fr. Tim can’t see those infants because he is blind. But he loves to hear them:

St. Maurice is a church that welcomes families, and those babies are telling him and all in the congregation that this dynamic parish family has a future.

St. Maurice is a vibrant mix of older Catholics and many young families, with kids ranging from infants to teenagers, who bring with them the promise of spiritual renewal. And who want to stay: it’s common to see two generations of worshipers but St. Maurice includes many three-generation families and at least one of four.

Like any strong family, the parish has roots that run deep and provide spiritual nourishment and comfort to all who share its warmth. Some of that comes from the strength of the clerical order of its priests, the Companions of the Cross: blessed with fast growth, two bishops and many seminarians this brotherhood knows how to inspire in simple and holy ways the people it serves.

But a lot of strength comes from the parishioners themselves, from their desire and need to belong to a caring and giving family: they see their role in ministries not as a duty but as a delight, and take joy in making their parish home a constant source of spiritual and human comfort.

For spiritual inspiration there is the Adoration Chapel, where many have committed to adore the Eucharist in dedicated hours through day and night. In that quiet and holy place worshipers can come close to Christ in the most soulful of ways. In the words of one parishioner:

I was focused on Jesus, and in that room Jesus was focused only on me. It was beautiful. The feelings of joy and peace filled the room…

Those seeking guidance or company in devotion can join prayer groups, take part in holy hours, pray the rosary before Mass, make a Cursillo, or sign up for one of the frequent spiritual seminars or retreats.

Parents with young children know there is a well-run family formation group to launch and nurture their children on a lifelong path in the faith, plus a Moms’ Group for sharing some extra family warmth. Add on group activities for youth, young adults, golden agers, and the splendid efforts of a dedicated CWL team—and that’s just beginning to tell the parish story.

St. Maurice—served also by Associate Pastor Fr. Lawrence Hyginus, CC —gives its parishioners a chance to become the best versions of themselves in a dynamic parish that is welcoming, caring and open in heart and spirit.