The Primacy of Evangelization

The Primacy of Evangelization

If the weather would only improve, this is normally a wonderful time to plant seeds! Let us not forget to also pray for opportunities to plant seeds in people’s hearts, for they very well might bloom into something special.       

When I was at the University of Waterloo, in my third year of undergraduate studies, my Dad told me about running into a high school acquaintance of mine.  His name is Tim McConnell.  Dad told me that Tim had just taken a Life in the Spirit seminar and had found it to be very inspiring and life changing, and he wanted me to know about it in case I might consider taking the same seminar.  I am so grateful that Tim thought of inviting me, through my Dad, to this seminar, as I indeed did take it, and it changed my life.  Simple efforts can bear surprising results.         

Rooted in a life committed to daily prayer, and openness to God’s promptings, each of us can plant many simple seeds in our day to day interactions.  We might simply invite someone to a parish gathering or event, like Alpha, Wednesday morning moms’ group, Movies with Meaning, youth group or an evening of worship music.  Even meeting someone  for coffee and a conversation can become a great moment to share about how faith has blessed us in life.        

Let us commit to creating an invitational culture, planting many seeds with the confident hope that they may very well bear much fruit.  We invite; a person responds; and God will take care of the rest.  God is on a mission to bring people to encounter His Great Love and Mercy.  We are part of this mission.  To the degree that we allow God to use us for this mission, the more we will see great and surprising signs of life and growth in our midst.

Happy planting,
Fr. Tim