Weather the Storm

Weather the Storm

Jesus is saying to us,

In the midst of the storms in your life, and the storms in the Church, I am with you. Weather the storm.

What does weather the storm mean:

It means to remain in ones location during a storm and wait until it passes over. As opposed to evacuating, or running away.

Are there any particular storm clouds in your life today? Personal crisis, health or family related. You might be aware of a crisis or storm cloud in the Church. We must not only talk the talk. We must walk the walk.

What does Jesus want us to do? He wants us to weather the storm. We are not just passively waiting for the storm to pass. Here are 3 particular things we can do when weathering a storm:

  1. Prayer – I encourage all of us to keep praying in the midst of this storm. Pray the Rosary for the needs of the Church today, for purification and conversion.
  2. Penance – To fast or make an act of sacrifice for the purification and conversion of the Church.
  3. Proclamation – Share the Good News with others. We are surrounded by bad news. Now is the time to share the Good News with others.