The Eucharist is the Remedy

The Eucharist is the Remedy

Do you ever feel that God is distant? We all have moments where we wonder about the power of God and his presence among us. We can have moments of doubt, discouragement, or frustration. The Eucharist is where the remedy comes to all our problems.

During the week we encounter all kinds of struggles and problems. When we come to the Eucharist God’s hope and plan is that he can remedy those struggles that we go through.

3 main reasons why the Eucharist is a remedy or a solution to our problems:

  1. In the Eucharist we have the power of God’s word.
    • There is power in God’s word when he claims us, ‘You are my daughter. You are my son.’
  2. In the Eucharist we have the reality of his presence.
    • We don’t have to feel distant from God or that he is distant from us. He is right here!
  3. We have a foretaste of his praises coming to us.
    • When we come to the Eucharist we are reminded that this is all headed in a  good direction.

When we come to Mass we ought to feel ready to face another week. Let’s come with our burdens, struggles, and problems. Let’s leave here with the remedy, Jesus our Eucharistic Lord, who is truly with us.