Super Bowl Sunday or Supernatural Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday or Supernatural Sunday

The Super Bowl happens once a year. But, every Sunday is supernatural Sunday where we can encounter God at Mass.

Do we look forward to Sunday Mass? Is it the highlight of our week? Do we enter the Mass actively engaged or are we passive spectators?

Do we take ownership of our faith? Or, do we sit passively and expect other people to spoon feed us?

When we become adults we have to take ownership fo our faith. We have to be actively engaged. Here are some tips on getting the most out of the Sunday experience.

  1. BEFORE Mass – Prepare spiritually for the event. Pray before Mass begins and enter into the sacred space, eliminate distractions and arrive early. Read the readings ahead of time. Come hungry!
  2. DURING Mass – Enter into the parts of the Mass. Actively sing, pray the prayers, and pay attention to that one word or phrase that strikes you.
  3. AFTER Mass – Give thanks to God for the gift of the Eucharist. Take a moment after Mass to get to know someone new.