St. John the Baptist’s A-D-V-E-N-T Life Lessons

St. John the Baptist’s A-D-V-E-N-T Life Lessons

St. John the Baptist was a true hipster. He wore camels hair and a leather belt. He ate wild honey and locusts, if that’s not organic I don’t know what is!

John the Baptist offers us life lessons to live by. Here are 6 life lessons for A-D-V-E-N-T from St. John the Baptist.

A – Affirm Others

In our conversations, words, and actions we must build up others, not ourselves. Are we promoting a culture of affirmation? It is so important that we are building up others.

D – Deny Ourselves

St. John the Baptist is challenging us to make sacrifices of our time and our money so we can bless others.

V – Visit with Jesus

St. John the Baptist encourages us to spend quality time visiting with Jesus.

E – Empty the Trash

Get rid of the trash of guilt, shame, regret, resentment, and of sin. If we are carrying these heavy burdens Advent is a beautiful time for us to prepare the way of the Lord. It is a great opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

N – New Beginning

Advent is a season for a new beginning. Let go of the past and start over. Make a fresh start.

T – Truth

Don’t be afraid to live for the truth and to stand up for the truth. The truth makes us free.