Pass the Mustard

Pass the Mustard

This season is all about growing! For us it means that there is a process going on within us that we need to be aware of.

We all have a potential to become holy, to become a reflection of God. We all have the potential to let the light of Christ shine through us.

Take time to evaluate how you are doing.

If we are not careful we won’t grow, we can stunt our growth.

Today is the day to ask the Lord to help us remember who we really are. Do I want to become holy? Do I want this seed to grow in my life?

Of course we want to say ‘yes’! But, why do we settle for mediocrity, or lukewarmness? Why do we tolerate a lot of garbage in our lives? We forget that there is this seed that needs to grow. It is a process. We have to make sure we nourish it through our life of prayer, caring for one another, and receiving the sacraments. If we do that we will keep growing.

During this time on earth, what are we doing with our lives? We have the potential to do great things. Are we letting that happen? Our job is to let God work in our lives. We want to do small things exceedingly well and with love for God. We do this because of the ripple effect. It is amazing what can happen when you simply smile at someone. We can all do this.

But do we believe? Do we believe that  these small things can actually grow into something big and amazing? If we really trust in God, that is what happens.

Are we willing to do the little things with love for God?