Jesus Will Drop Everything for You

Jesus Will Drop Everything for You

The readings for October 28 are:

First Reading – Jer 31:7-9
Second Reading – Heb 5:1-6
Gospel  – Mk 10:46-52

The healing miracles of Jesus are great for the people he bestowed them upon. But, they also showed signs of what he intended to do in a much broader scale as the Messiah.

Master, I want to see. (Mark 10:51)

We were blinded by original sin.  What are the effects of original sin?

  1. A darkening of the intellect.
  2. A weakening of the will.
  3. A mortality upon us. We will all have to suffer and die.

Through baptism the light of Christ shines upon us and we can see the truth of who Jesus is. Now when we look to Jesus’ miracles he enlightens our intellect, strengthens our wills, and restores us to eternal life.

Jesus is here to reverse the curse.

He brings light to our blindness, helps us walk in the ways of God, and brings us to everlasting life. Jesus shows Bartimaeus that he is the son of David, the true redeemer. Jesus is the way to help us in our weakened will, he is the truth to help us in our darkened intellect, he is our life to help us in mortality.

Jesus stood still when Bartimaeus called out to him. God is not too busy to help you and me. He will stop everything, drop everything just for you if you call out to him.