Holy Spirit, Testify to Us

Holy Spirit, Testify to Us

When we rediscover Jesus we will be loved, we will be delighted, and inspired. We need to ask God for help in whatever way that we have been scandalized, distressed, hurt, or not given the goods.

Ask the Holy Spirit to testify within our hearts to the reality of Jesus for us, as a God who loves us.

If we don’t live with the real understanding of who Christ is in the Church we become part of the problem. Jesus is meant to be a transformational reality. We are meant to be imitators of Christ. It begins with us in our own hearts.

If we are serious about being part of the solution we need to be willing to deal with the brokenness within ourselves and be accountable.

Let’s strive for holiness by the grace of God. Let’s rediscover Jesus and the Church so that we can help the world be a better place.