Get Out of the Pilot’s Seat

Get Out of the Pilot’s Seat

All of us can now follow him to Heaven. To make it possible he shed his blood for you and for me. He laid down his life for us. Heaven is a possibility for us because of Jesus, because of the price he paid for us.

We are here to realize that sometimes we admittedly become back seat drives.

“If Jesus is your co-pilot, swap seats. He is supposed to be the pilot.”

Every once and a while we try and do things our own way, often to our own peril. We want to make sure that we are not becoming back seat drives. Do we really trust him to guide us? No one else has the right or ability to lead us to Heaven. Yet, sometimes we follow other people, ways, or ourselves.

The devil has two main tricks:

  1. He sows seeds of doubt about what God really said.
  2. He sows the seed of suspicion.

It is critical to do whatever it takes to stay close to Jesus. We need to chose to trust and chose to believe. If we don’t follow him, it will lead us to peril. He knows the shortcut; we have to follow him.