Be Who God Meant You to Be

Be Who God Meant You to Be

Fire has both positive and negative connotations.

  • Positive: Fire can mean heat, like a campfire, or heat to cook your food. Fire brings light.
  • Negative: Fire destroys homes and buildings.

In the spiritual life

  • Jesus talks about the unquenchable fire of Hell. Jesus is very clear about this. Jesus is talking about the reality of Hell. But, it is the truth. Jesus loves us so much that he doesn’t want any of us to go to Hell. Hell is real.
  • There is also a positive connotation of fire. The fire of God’s love, the fire of the Holy Spirit. “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” (St. Catherine of Sienna) In other words become the best version of yourself.

I want to invite all of us to give us a chance to be a prophetic voice. Let us pray:

Come Holy Spirit. We ask you to rest upon each of us as tongues of fire. Give us a new outpouring of your Holy Spirit. If there is anyone here who has grown luke warm or mediocre in their faith may you enkindle in them the fire of your love. Help us to be who God has meant us to be, the best version of ourselves, so we can set the world on fire. Mother Mary, we ask for your intercession.

Hail Mary…

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