Sacramental Preparation Update (May 10, 2019)

Sacramental Preparation Update (May 10, 2019)

Dear Families,

Good afternoon!  It was great to see you all on Wednesday evening!  Please read the e-mail below carefully, as it includes updates on activities/assignments for last week and this coming week, as well as other important information about First Communion. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Homework for the week of May 9-May 14

Required Activities:

  1. Read: p.166-171 in the Blessed: First Communion book
    1. Watch: Session 6 Episode 2: “Your Parish Family”
  2. Read: p.172-175 in the Blessed: First Communion book
    1. Watch: Session 6 Episode 3: “Go Make A Difference”
  3.  Read: p. 176-177  in the Blessed: First Communion book
    1. Watch: Session 6 Episode 4: “The Power of Prayer”
  4. Practice receiving communion with your child several times this week.  We suggest practicing with a cookie or a cracker.  Make sure your child remembers to first make a sign of reverence, make a manger near their heart with their hands, say a loud “Amen!” and consume the whole host before walking away.

To view the episodes, click the link below, scroll down, and select the correct episode:

First Communion Day Reminders:

  1. Date – You must attend on the date that has been assigned to your child. Please see the schedule in your email. If any issues arise, or if you have any questions, please contact me.
  2. Seating – We will have reserved rows for First Communion Families. Each family gets 1 row.  Other members can sit behind the reserved rows.
  3. Photography – No photos will be allowed during the mass.  You are welcome to take photos in the church after mass, as well as at our “photo stations” in the atrium.  We will share with you any photos taken by our parish photographer.
  4. 4) After your child’s First Communion mass, please make sure to stay for the following:
    1. Photo with Fr Tim at altar
    2. Pick up First communion certificate
    3. Pick up gift bag for your child from us 🙂

Dress Code For First Communion

There is no “must have” requirements for dress code for First Communion.  We just ask that that dress should be as for a very special occasion. The colour white recalls the baptismal gown many of your children wore when they were baptized and so we suggest that both boys and girls have something white to recall this.

Boys: Suits are not required for the boys, but certainly dress pants and a shirt, with or without tie.  Girls: For the girls a pure white dress is not required.  Their dress can be special but certainly doesn’t need to be “all out” (i.e. not a bridal gown with full trimmings! 😉 ).  Your daughters are welcome to weir veils, gloves, hats etc if they want to, but they are not required. If girls are wearing gloves, it’s  important for them to remember that they will need to take them off before getting into the communion line.

If you have any questions regarding the items above, please let me know.

Our Next Class: There are no more classes remaining for the First Communion Program.  We are ready to celebrate your child’s big day with you and your family!  Please check the schedule below for your child’s assigned date for receiving their First Communion.

Ellen Hong
First Communion Coordinator
St. Maurice Parish