Sacramental Preparation Update (January 17, 2019)

Sacramental Preparation Update (January 17, 2019)

Dear Families,

Good afternoon!  Thank you so much for joining us this past week for our 4th class and our First Reconciliation Rehearsal. Please read the e-mail below carefully, as it includes updates on activities/assignments for the week, as well as other important notices and invitations. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.  

Important Reminder – All children will be celebrating the sacrament of First Reconciliation THIS SATURDAY, January 12th at 10am.  Please arrive by 9:45am to give all families time to sign in and get seated.  All families  should sign in at the Mezzanine when they arrive.  We will be starting our First Reconciliation Service promptly at 10am.  Please make sure to spend time with your child going over the purple Examination of Conscience over the next few days so that they are prepared for their First Confession.  Children should feel free to write on the sheet and check off anything they would like to confess.  Have children bring this sheet with them on Saturday to help them jog their memory.

If your child gets nervous at all before Saturday, please reassure them that Fr. Tim and Fr. Lawrence will be there to help guide them through their confession and that the volunteers and I will be there to help remind them where they need to go.  If your child strongly feels that they want a reminder of what to do on Saturday, feel free to review with them pages 66-77 in the orange Family Formation book and to rewatch the video from the “Blessed” program“The Five Steps” – Session 5 Episode 4- 

Homework for the week of January 12-18:

Required Activities: 

1)Read: p. 12-15, 34-37

2) Watch Session 1 Episode 4 – “What Makes Sunday Special?”  (To view the episode, click the link, scroll down, and select the correct episode)

3) Complete the activity on pages 48-49

Family Faith Habit for the Month: Whether everyone writes it in their own little notebook, or shares it around the table at lunch, practice looking for and sharing the “one thing” that really spoke to you at mass on Sunday every week – whether it be something you learned from the readings, the homily, or the music.  What did you learn about God’s character?  What encouragement or suggestion did God give you?  What did you hear that will help you become a better version of yourself this week?  How can you put it into practice this week?

Family Movie Night Bring your whole family to family movie night at St. Maurice this Saturday, January 12th at 6:30pm.  The movie showing will be the animated film The Star: The Story of the First Christmas.  I had the opportunity to watch this movie myself over the Christmas break and all ages really enjoyed it.  Popcorn for all!  Come in PJs and bring your favorite blanket!

Our Next Class: Don’t forget!  Our next class is February 13th at 7pm.  Please arrive by 6:45 pm to sign in and get your materials for the month.  This is the session in which we start our preparations for First Communion!

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL FAMILIES – Baptismal Certificates:  

Although most families brought the baptismal certificate to show to us at our first class, we do require that each family submit a copy of their child’s baptismal certificate for us to keep on file for the program.  You are welcome to either bring a photocopy to our next class, or you are welcome to scan/take a picture of your child’s certificate and e-mail it to me.  Whichever is easiest for you!  

Please e-mail or bring in a copy even if your child was baptized at St. Maurice Parish.

God bless,

Ellen Hong

First Communion Coordinator

St. Maurice Parish