Prayers for the Sick

Prayers for the Sick

Dear friends, one of the most effective ways we have to help is that of prayer. Prayer unites us; it makes us brothers and sisters … and reminds us of a beautiful truth which we sometimes forget. In prayer, we all learn to say ‘Father’, ‘Dad’. We learn to see one another as brothers and sisters. In prayer, there are no rich and poor people, there are sons and daughters, sisters and brothers. In prayer, there is no first or second class, there is brotherhood. It is in prayer that our hearts find the strength not to be cold and insensitive in the face of injustice. In prayer, God keeps calling us, opening our hearts to charity.

– Pope Francis

Please pray for the sick of our parish:

Eleanor Boissonneault

Greg Butler

Mary Cochrane

Desmond Curley

Richard Daley

Christian Dowd

Carmen Flett

Paul Gallagher

Catherine Henry

Sarah Hogan

Dick Hudson

Bill Johnson

Jack Kirkham

Gilbert Kutchkoskie

Diana Larkin

Dan Maddiss

Maureen Morin

Michael Prince

Joanne Sweet

Michelle Trudell

If you would like a name added to this list please fill out our contact form: