Passion Sunday Reflection: Jesus knows our sufferings

Passion Sunday Reflection: Jesus knows our sufferings

Jesus knows our sufferings

When we hear the narrative of the Passion of our Lord Jesus, we think of His great sufferings, but do we ever link them to our own?  I thought I would share a personal story in the hopes of encouraging all of us to make this connection.

As many of you already know, I have been blind since birth.  There have been times when I have felt very discouraged, insecure, lonely and afraid.  I have turned to Jesus on many occasions to share my heart with Him on these matters.  I praise God that I have learned, at an early age, to feel very comfortable in speaking with Jesus as with a friend.  I pray that all people can develop this comfort with conversing with God.

On one occasion in my final year of high school, I was feeling particularly sad and hurt.  I was speaking with Jesus about things and asked if He understood what I was going through; I mean, REALLY understood blindness in particular. I turned to the Bible and landed immediately on the scripture that we hear this weekend — specifically on the verse which depicts His being blindfolded and mocked.

I felt a surge of wonder flow throughout my body, and I could hardly believe that this one verse in the whole Bible would be shown to me at this time.  I knew deep in my heart that Jesus understands my sufferings in a personal way.  It is my strong belief that He fully understands and relates to your struggles and sufferings as well.

Let us open our hearts this Holy Week to connect with Jesus, as we recall His suffering and death, that we might reap with Him in joy, what we sow with Him in tears.  We are not alone.  God is close.  He loves us, and He understands.

Written by Fr. Tim Devine, CC