O Canada

O Canada

Canada turns 152 this July 1st.  We witness continued moral decline, breakdown of traditional marriage and family, legalization of and an increase in medically assisted suicide, and most lamentably, the lack of protection for the life of unborn babies.  Christian witness and prayer for our beloved country is needed more than ever.  What can we do?

To think that only 72 years ago, in 1947, there was an international Marian Congress held in Ottawa.  More than 200,000 people from all over, participated in a procession with a statue of Mary at Lansdowne Park.  It is difficult to imagine such a large turn-out for a religious event of that scope in our present day.  Yet, we need Mother Mary to help us return to Jesus, her son, thus finding restoration of our society.

Be sure to check out the information regarding the initiatives to prepare for the 75th anniversary of this remarkable event in 2022.  It begins this August at an event called the Rosary Bowl at TD Place at Lansdowne Park. For more info, visit www.rosarybowl.com .

There is power in prayer.  Let us take very seriously this opportunity to respond concretely to our country’s present need for heavenly intervention.

God keep our land, glorious and free.