Ministry Directory

Ministry Directory

Adoration Chapel:

Will be closed due to Covid until further notice.

Perpetual adoration is the heart of St. Maurice Parish’s apostolate. It is a Eucharistic devotion whereby the faithful agree to be present for a certain period, taking turns to adore the most Blessed Sacrament. New adorers are encouraged to commit to a weekly hour of adoration.

 Click here for more information, or please contact Tom Gleeson:  613-224-1892;


Alpha is a series of sessions exploring life’s big questions in light of the Christian faith. Each weekly session is a time of fellowship with others who are seeking to allow God, through the Church, to enrich their lives. Vibrant video teachings, discussions, and a shared meal make this a time of faith and fellowship.

For more information, visit the Alpha Canada website and contact our Alpha team at St. Maurice: .

Altar Servers:

Boys are invited to serve at Mass and all other liturgical celebrations. This reverent serving provides an opportunity to worship God and to assist with prayers of the whole congregation. Through serving at the altar and assisting the priests, servers have the opportunity to grow in their love, reverence and devotion to Jesus, our Eternal Priest.

For more information, please contact Fr. Lawrence:

Baptism Preparation:

Parents seeking baptism for their child are invited to call the parish office to arrange for baptism preparation and schedule a date for this sacrament. Please note that two months’ notice is required for all baptisms.

For more information, please contact:; 613-224-1892

Bridge Clubs:

If you are looking for fellowship and love the game of bridge, St. Maurice has a joint ladies bridge club with St. Basil and a couples bridge club.  For more information, please contact Judy York (613-727-4574) for the ladies club, or for the mixed club, please contact Grace Kulas (613-829-4532).  Games are played in the homes of the bridge club members.

Café Maurice:

Coffee and snacks are provided for all who would like to join in the atrium after 9 a.m. Friday Mass. This is a time of fellowship for all.

For more information, please contact Clara Cardinali:  613-727-0995

Candle Ministry:

Volunteers ensure the candles inside the church reflect the beauty of the liturgical season and replace the candles when needed, while maintaining the order and cleanliness of the candle area.

For more information, please contact Anne Fisher:  613-727-1285

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd:

This ministry exists to serve the children in our parish family by creating for them a sacred space of their own. Here they can experience the love of Jesus and be formed by the wonders and riches of their Catholic faith according to the needs and capacities of their stage of development.

Click here for more information, or please contact Dale Balkovec:  613-224-1892 ext.7,

Catholic Women’s League:

The Catholic Women’s League of St. Maurice Parish calls its members to grow in faith and to witness to the love of God through ministry and service. Membership is open to all women 18 years and older.

Click here for more information, or  please contact Maureen Farnand:  613-286-5344;

Children’s Liturgy:

Children’s liturgy is an age-appropriate Liturgy of the Word offered for children (ages 4-7) during 9 am Sunday Mass. The children learn a simplified message of the same Scripture readings as the rest of the assembly. All children are welcome and encouraged to attend. No pre-registration is necessary.

For more information, please contact Laura Smith:

Church Decorating:

This group decorates and beautifies the church reflecting the liturgical seasons enhancing the sacred liturgy.

For more information, please contact Clara Cardinali:  613-727-0995 or

Coffee Social:

Coffee and juice are provided for all in the atrium after 9 a.m. Sunday Mass. This is a time of fellowship for all parishioners.

For more information, please contact April Dore:  613-274-3145

Confirmation Preparation:

If your child is in grade 6, it is time for them to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation.

For information or questions about the program, please email Hannah Haggart:

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:

Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion assist the ordinary ministers of communion (priests, deacons and instituted acolytes) with the distribution of Holy Communion at mass. This ministry requires a deep reverence for and awareness of our Lord’s real presence in the Eucharist.

For more information, please contact Perry Debellefeuille:  613-421-1398

Family Ministry:

St. Maurice Parish’s family ministry was formed to create opportunities for families of all ages to connect with other families within the parish and deepen our faith life together. We support families by fostering community, growing in our love for God and celebrating our Catholic faith.

For more information, please contact Kyla Kirkham:; 613-250-2925

Finance Council

The parish finance council is a consultative body of lay persons which advises the pastor about the financial affairs of the parish, in conformance with diocesan standards.
♦  St. Maurice Parish Finance Council  Roles and Responsibilities
♦  St. Maurice Parish Manual of Accounting Procedures
For more information, please contact Jimena Martinez:

First Reconciliation and First Communion:

For information on the registering for the sacraments of first reconciliation and First Communion, please contact Ellen Hong, Coordinator of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist:

Funeral Committee:

This committee provides a valuable service to bereaved families. Members volunteer their time to provide a reception following a funeral at St. Maurice Parish.

For more information, please contact Michelle Wiseman:  613-422-6758

Golden Agers:

Golden Agers 50+ is an outreach program originated by the Catholic Women’s League of St. Maurice Parish. People ages 50 and up, including parishioners and visitors,  join together for an afternoon of fellowship, refreshments, bridge, euchre and other card games.  We are here to allow for companionship for seniors, a change of scenery and a good laugh or two. Many lasting friendships and special bonds are formed. Twice each year a luncheon is held for all participants.

We meet on Monday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:00 pm in the atrium of St. Maurice Parish.

For more information, please contact Bobbie Kolody:  613-226-7188; .

Knights of Columbus:

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men’s fraternal benefit society. The four principles of the order are charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. The Knights regard themselves as the “strong right arm of the Church” helping to provide financing to the Church. All men over the age of 18 are invited to become a Knight of Columbus.

Click here for more information, or please contact Anil D’Souza:  613-501-3096

La Pieta Prayer Group:

La Pieta is a group of dedicated parishioners who meet Wednesday evenings at a member’s home from 7 to 9 p.m. for prayer and fellowship. The members also participate in several other parish events including an all-night vigil on New Year’s Eve and the eve of Mary’s birthday, Sept. 7.

For more information contact George or Shirley Nedoborski:  613-225-6529


Lectors are members of the assembly who proclaim the Word of God during weekdays and/or Sunday Mass. They also assist in creating a hospitable and prayerful environment by praying the Prayers of the Faithful.

For more information, please contact Scott Baker: 613-843-7436

Legion of Mary:

The Legion of Mary is a worldwide organization of the lay apostolate, in which its members sanctify themselves through prayer and apostolic work in union with Our Lady under the guidance of a priest. The Legion of Mary meets weekly and each legionary is required to carry out weekly apostolic work.

For more information, please contact Gerry Larkin: 613-225-5202

Little Flowers Girls Group

A fun, faith-filled Catholic club for girls (ages 7-12) that teaches virtues through scriptures, saints’ biographies and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  The group meets the second Saturday of each month, from 1-3pm in the atrium of St. Maurice Parish.

For more information, please contact Sr. Rose Clare:

Marriage preparation:

Couples seeking the Sacrament of Matrimony should contact the parish office at 613-224-1892 to arrange a meeting with the pastor. Please note that at least eight months’ notice is required for weddings at St. Maurice. Couples must also complete a marriage preparation course.

Moms’ Group:

This group meets Wednesday morning after the 9am mass and is open to any parent of young children who would like some fellowship with other parents. Coffee and nut-free snacks are provided. Come and bring a friend! All are welcome.

For more information, please contact Katie Nobauer: 613-219-9033;

Movies with Meaning:

Movies with meaning is a time for St. Maurice parishioners to get together with family and friends (18+) for an inspiring movie night followed by discussion and fellowship. Bring a friend!

For more information, please contact:  Sandi Stanko: or Catherine Morris:

Music Ministry

The Mass is a celebration in the real sense of the word. Music and singing are of the utmost importance in every liturgical celebration. They give spiritual joy to all who celebrate the Mass: priests, ministers, congregation.

We aim to do this by inspiring the congregation to sing! We desire to use our voices, hearts, and instruments to lead people closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We choose music that connects with the congregation’s hearts and spirits, with the aim of strengthening each parishioners’ personal relationship with God.

For more information please contact:
Saturday:  Conor George:
Sunday: Glenn Pereira:

Pastoral Care:

This ministry exists to ensure the sick and homebound are able to experience the fullness of the Church. Our volunteers deliver the Eucharist, pray for, and spend time visiting with members of our parish who are no longer able to attend mass due to illness, disability or age.

For more information, click HERE or contact Fr. Lawrence:  613-224-1892 x3 ;


This group works within the parish to promote, through education, respect for human life from conception to natural death.

For more information, please contact Louise Harbour:  613-723-0557


The sacristan’s responsibilities are essential for the orderly celebration of the Eucharist. The sacristan carefully arranges the liturgical books, vestments, and other things necessary in the celebration of the Mass.

For more information, please contact Mary Sheridan:  613-224-0284;

St. Alexandria Library:

Our parish library offers an extensive collection of books and movies for Catholic Christians encouraging spiritual growth, awareness of God’s presence and knowledge of the Catholic Church, its teachings and doctrines.

Click here for more information, or please contact John Makadi or Pam Swords:  613-220-6279

St. Simon Ministry:

This ministry was created to help parishioners by sharing in their needs and burdens. Members offer a helping hand, whether it be a drive to an appointment or to church, home cooked meals when someone has had surgery or is ill, and friendly visits to parishioners’ homes where we enjoy each other’s company and share in life’s journey.

For more information, please contact Mary Sheridan:

St. Vincent de Paul Society:

The mission of St. Vincent de Paul Society is to live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the person of the needy with love, respect, justice and joy. The volunteers befriend and assist individuals and families in need.

For more information, please contact Kevin Burke: 613-224-1892

That Man is You:

THAT MAN IS YOU! is an interactive men’s program focused on the development of male leadership in the modern world. It combines the best research from science with the teachings of the Catholic faith and the wisdom of the saints to develop the vision of authentic men capable of transforming themselves, their families and greater society.

All men are welcome to join us on Saturday mornings from 7:00-8:30am in the Atrium of St. Maurice Parish until April 4, 2020.  For more information, please contact Kevin Gibbs:

To see the powerful testimony of Kevin’s transformation, click HERE.

The 2019 fall and 2020 spring sessions are about “The Unveiling of Love” which enables men to take the next step in male leadership. By attaining clarity of thought and developing integrity of action regarding the Church’s vision of love and marriage, men are able to transform their homes into the foundation for a new springtime of Christianity.

To see the Fall 2019 program brochure, click HERE.     To visit the That Man Is You! website, click TMIY!

Tuesday Night Holy Hour:

Following the weekly Tuesday Mass at 7pm, there is a holy hour when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed. The first half hour is intercessory prayer followed by silent prayer and the opportunity to go to confession. The evening ends with benediction. All are welcome.

For more information, please contact Lucy Pagliaro:  613-225-1694.


Ushers play a vital role in facilitating the logistics during Mass by taking up the collection, monitoring traffic, keeping the aisles clear and distributing the bulletin. The ushers handle emergency situations with courage and composure while representing the parish and Catholic community.

For more information, please call Ray Sullivan:  613-226-3522

Women’s Ministry

We invite women of all ages and stages of life to come together for prayer, study materials and reflection, along with the building of sisterhood.

For more information, please contact Laura Smith:

Youth Group:

Our youth ministry is for those in Grade 6 to Grade 12. The focus is on building strong, Catholic friendships with other teens who love their faith and want to grow closer to Christ. They receive formation talks, enjoy games and play sports. The two groups – middle school (Grade 6 to 8) and high school (Grade 9 to 12) meet every Friday evening in the atrium. Bring a friend!

Click here for more information, or please contact Matt Dunham:  613-224-1892 ext. 5;