Adoration Chapel

Adoration Chapel

Adoration Chapel Vacancies

We are in need of adorers for the following hours:

Tuesday: 7pm
Thursday:  1pm
Friday:  9am, 2pm
Saturday:  8am, 11am, 7pm, 9pm, 10pm
Sunday:  11am

Please contact Tom at 613-224-1892 or if you can be a regular adorer at any of these hours.

Perpetual Adoration – The Chapel of the Annunciation

The Adoration Chapel is open for quiet prayer 24 hours, seven days a week. The chapel is located on the lower lever. Enter by the doors off the parking lot. For safety reasons, all those who come the Adoration Chapel require a key card to enter.
For more information, please contact Tom Gleeson at 613-224-1892 or .

Adoration Chapel Retreat

To assist the Lord and Our Blessed Mother in filling many of the vacant hours in our Annunciation Chapel, we have begun a program to encourage adorers. We are asking that you consider adoring on one Saturday or Sunday morning starting at 12 midnight on Friday and ending at 6:00 am on Saturday (six hours). Please note that your commitment is for one night only per year.

We are encouraging participants to use this adoration time as an annual personal retreat if they so desire. It is an opportunity to experience a grace-filled period of spiritual reflection and refreshment. For more information phone Tom Gleeson at 613-225-4350 or email at  In Jesus through Mary, Tom Gleeson.

Adoration Chapel Retreat Testimony

Quality time.  Imagine being able to spend more quality time with your loved ones.  Spending a whole day or evening with someone. Just the two of you, with no interruptions or distractions, in a “space” where you can really tune into each other.  So much better than just touching base over breakfast or catching up over a quick coffee. Quality time is such a treat!  Such a blessing!!

Now imagine, that loved one was Jesus, and you had six solid hours of direct one-on-one quality time with Him.  In the peace and comfort of a quiet little chapel. no distractions, no interruptions. The time and the “space” to really open your heart and your soul to the one who loves you more than anyone else.  You can share your dreams, share your worries, share your joys. Share your sorrows. Share a book – maybe even explore your favourite passage of scripture, and really hear what Jesus is saying to you – just you – through His word.

I had just such a quality time with Jesus recently – a sort of mini retreat – in our Chapel of the Annunciation, very early one Sunday morning and I am still counting the blessings!

Located on the lower level, near the doors to the parking lot, the Chapel of the Annunciation is a Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel where Jesus is exposed in the Blessed Sacrament for all to adore any time, any day.

In order to ensure the perpetual adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, various parishioners oversee a schedule, ensuring there is always someone with the Lord. The typical commitment is one hour, typically a specific hour of a specific day. Recently a new element was incorporated in the schedule: from midnight Friday until 6 am Saturday, and also from midnight Saturday until 6 am Sunday, the chapel is available for and extended six-hour adoration period. Consider committing to one six-hour period each year.  It could become an “annual retreat”.

Last month was my first time committing a six-hour period to Jesus in the adoration chapel.  I approached it as a mini-retreat and let my time be guided by a book I found in the chapel: I Believe in Love: A Personal Retreat Based on the Teaching of St. Therese of Lisieux.  My six hours was unlike any retreat I had made before; much more personal, more exclusive.  I was focused on Jesus, and in that room, Jesus was focused only on me.  It was beautiful. The feelings of joy and peace filled the room almost immediately; praise just seemed to come naturally, and fill my heart. I committed to give six hours of my time to Jesus, but what He gave me was so much more.  The joy and peace and praise touched me more deeply than ever before, and sustained me for many days.

I highly recommend the practice of adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to everyone and encourage you to consider signing up for six-hours of quality time with Jesus once a year.  After all, we have over 8000 hours in a year, so 6 seems like such a small investment in the important relationship in our life.  And, as they say, the payoff is eternal.

St. Maurice Parishioner

For more information on the adoration chapel, phone Tom Gleeson at 613-224-1892 or email at .