Media Policy

Media Policy

This policy is effective as of April 1, 2018 and remains active until otherwise announced.

This policy is implemented to:
  • Provide a guideline in which St. Maurice Parish can use media to build up our community through better communications and to give testimony to what God is doing in our parish.
  • To ensure the privacy of our parishioners and visitors.
  • Protect the children and the vulnerable.
What are photos and videos potentially used for?
  • For our print materials such as bulletins, posters, invitations, newsletters, magazines, etc.
  • For our online platforms such as email updates, our website, and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.)
Who can take photography and videos?

Photography and videography may only be taken at St. Maurice Parish by designated persons who have undergone police checks and have been given written authority by St. Maurice Parish.

St. Maurice Parish cannot be held liable for images, photos, audio recordings and/or videos which are taken by individual members of the parish or visitors who have not been granted permission. We will mitigate potential misuse by having:

  • This media policy available online for viewing and reference.
  • Signs throughout the parish indicating that we have a media policy, and how to view it.
  • Occasional bulletin reminders of the media policy.
  • A communication team that monitors the posting of media on our website and social
    media platforms.
Media Policies:
  • Our goal is to build up the Kingdom of God, and thus we do not intend to post any pictures or videos which may cause embarrassment, shame or contain any hurtful or objectionable material.
  • Our liturgies and events (as mirroring the Archdiocese of Ottawa) are considered public events, and thus are open to having photography and video recordings without prior announcement (again, by designated persons only). All photography and videography will be taken in public spaces.
  • Photographers and videographers are required to submit all digital and print files to St. Maurice Parish within a week, and must then delete all copies of the images from their cameras, memory cards, computers etc.
  • Youth and children under the age of 18 will not be identified by name in our print or online materials unless prior written approval has been given by the parent or legal guardian.
  • Adults, those persons who are 18 years and older will not be identified by name in our print or online materials unless prior verbal approval has been given.
  • In the event that we have posted an image or video which has been copyrighted by an individual or company, we will be happy to give credit if requested, as our intent is not to claim ownership of said media.
  • In the event that we have posted a video or photo of an individual (yourself or of your child) which you do not want online, whether on our website or various social media platforms, we will be happy to remove it. Please contact:
Media Opt-Out Form

If you do not want to have any photos or videos of yourself or of your child used either in print or online material you may choose to opt-out. Please fill out the St. Maurice Media Opt-Out Form available on our website, or through our parish office and we will respect your privacy.

Click here for a pdf of the media opt-out form.

Permissions to use our Media and Content

All photography and video content, unless otherwise indicated is copyrighted by St. Maurice Parish, and may not be used for any purpose – not limited to: printing, distributing, linking, downloading etc. – without prior permission from St. Maurice Parish.

St. Maurice Parish grants permission for limited sharing of our media and content. Our website articles, blog posts, social media stories and posts are online for sharing. You may link to our content, but you may not download and place them on your own website or platforms without prior permission.

If you have any questions, or would like to request permission for use of media please contact: