Flourishing Congregations Institute Survey Results

Flourishing Congregations Institute Survey Results


Survey conducted in November 2019 

Demographic Information 

434 parishioners completed the survey. 

St. Maurice has an aging congregation (45% of respondents were over 60), with a large nucleus of long-time, loyal Catholic parishioners. Parish growth has taken place mainly by the influx of people from other parishes, with few being added by outreach/evangelization (1%) 

A strong majority (81%) of respondents believe that St. Maurice is a flourishing parish. The three areas they valued the most were homily/teaching, music/worship, and community with others. 

Self Identity 

Most respondents (about 80%) believe that St. Maurice has clear values and priorities and communicates them clearly to the congregation and uses them to guide activities. 


Confidence in our priests is high (82%), but there is less certainty about how they lead, handle conflict and relate to others. 55% of respondents believe that non-pastoral leaders in the parish are being developed in an on-going way 

The top-three traits chosen to describe our parish and ministry leaders were: faithful to the Church, Spirit-led, and people-oriented. 


St. Maurice is not perceived as a particularly innovative parish. Most respondents (82%) believe that St. Maurice is ready for change but see little change happening, except in some areas such as Alpha. 


Most respondents (90%) find St. Maurice to be a safe place to explore the Christian faith. 

Mass was identified as the most valued parish activity, with 92% of respondents attending Mass at least once a week and Mass being the main way they get together with other parishioners. A strong majority of respondents highly value the homilies and music, sense the Holy Spirit at work, and grow spiritually by attending Mass. 

More than half of respondents (50-65%) identified programs for children, youth and families as having high priority in the parish. Respondents believe the parish gives less priority to other areas such as Bible study, world missions, and social issues. 

Engaged Laity 

There is a strong sense of belonging in the parish (74%) and more than half of respondents (56%) say they volunteer in some way in or through the parish. However, less than half of respondents agreed that they were serving according to their gifts (46%) and had received enough training for ministry (41%). 

Hospitable Community 

Although St. Maurice is perceived as a friendly church with a strong sense of community, only 51% of respondents agreed that newcomers are integrated well, that we take good care of each other (64%) and that it’s easy to make friends in the parish (63%). 

Neighbourhood Involvement 

More than half of respondents (53%) agree that St. Maurice has an active presence in the wider community, but only 27% take part in activities that reach out to the community. 


Respondents are more likely to share their faith on a daily/weekly basis through their actions (83%) than verbally (54%). The three biggest personal challenges to evangelism were: lack of confidence, antagonism/resistance to Christian values and the Church, and fear of rejection.

To view the entire results of the survey please click the link:

St. Maurice Parish Flourishing Congregations Report – 2020.

If you have any questions please contact the Parish Council via email: parishcouncil@stmauriceparish.com