Dear Parish Family – Story of a healed marriage

Dear Parish Family – Story of a healed marriage

Dear Parish Family,

For our final instalment of this Advent series, we hear of a married couple in our parish who will remain anonymous.

There were great troubles in their marriage, and over the course of several years they went to counselling and attempted to fix the problems that made a life together so difficult.  The problems remained and the efforts to fix them only made matters worse, to the point where they recently separated. With children, this was very difficult for everyone.

Then, hearing about a ministry in our Archdiocese called Marriages for Mary, they contacted Gerard and Rita McCarthy and stayed at their home in Metcalfe for a weekend retreat this past autumn. God broke through, and the husband said that he felt as though the “scales fell from his eyes.” The wife’s heart was changed. They were blessed miraculously with new perspectives on Marriage as a Vocation from God, and they have some new practical tools to use, and rules to live by, in order to live together in communion, peace and joy.  They are together again, and will forever be grateful to God for this miracle for their family.

In these times, when many marriages struggle to find hope and healing, I hope that this recent testimony will be an encouragement of how God can – and wants to – intervene in our most difficult situations.

In Christ,

Fr. Tim