Dear Parish Family: Spring is here, and some announcements!

Dear Parish Family: Spring is here, and some announcements!

Dear Parish Family,

Springtime and May are upon us — the season of Mother Mary.  Notice the crown which we placed on the statue last Sunday!  This is a time to honour mothers everywhere, living or deceased.  We think and pray also for women expecting a child, and those who struggle to conceive.  This is also a season to make a stand for life from conception to natural death.  May our prayers and efforts make lasting changes in the laws and practices in our country and throughout the world.  Also, this is a season of children making their First Holy Communion.  May we all grow in our love for Jesus in this wonderful Sacrament.  May the sunshine, singing birds, new buds on the trees and warm weather give us fresh wind in our sails, filling us with hope in Jesus who makes all things new.

On April 27/28, we had a very blessed Divine Mercy weekend.  Special thanks to the Queenship of Mary community for their beautiful music and singing.  Many people commented on how they appreciated being able to see the Divine Mercy image so prominent and visible.  So you will notice that this Divine Mercy image that was hanging next to the statue of St. Maurice, has now been permanently moved to the wall between the choir area and the side entrance off Meadowlands Drive.  Hopefully more people will be able to experience the promised graces connected with this particular painting.

This upcoming Autumn, newly appointed members of our Parish Council will begin to have monthly meetings.  Thus far, we have only received two nominations for my consideration, so we are extending the opportunity for another week, until May 20, for you to suggest people you think might be well-suited for Parish Council.  I hope to have the members of the new council in place before July in order to be ready to start this September.  Again, please consider someone who has read the Divine Renovation book, and who has taken the Alpha Course.

To better communicate and explain the parish vision and mission, Fr. Lawrence and I will be preaching a three-part series over the weekends of Ascension Sunday, Pentecost Sunday and Trinity Sunday, June 1/2, 8/9 and 15/16 respectively.  The three themes will be: The Primacy of Evangelization; the Power of the Holy Spirit; and the Best Practices of Leadership.  These are the three key concepts of the Divine Renovation model regarding how best to move from maintenance to mission.  I hope and pray that this will inspire you to share in this vision, and I invite you to join in, whichever way you are able.

Finally, as you make plans for June, be sure to consider participating in our Golf Tournament and Steak Dinner on Saturday, June 8, as it is sure to be a good time and a most helpful fundraiser for the parish.  Also our Corpus Christi procession and picnic will be on Sunday, June 23.  This will be our final weekend with our seminarian intern, Miguel, so be sure to make him a card or to express your prayers and well wishes before he leaves.  May God bless him as he moves back to the seminary in Detroit to complete his final two years of study before being ordained to the Priesthood.

Have a wonderful day, and a meaningful month of May.


Yours in Christ,

Fr. Tim