Dear Parish Family: Signs of Spring

Dear Parish Family: Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring 

Everyone has been getting back to normal after the Christmas Season, resuming our ordinary routine of daily life.  For most of us, this is not an easy readjustment.  To boot, (no pun intended!) there is still a lot of winter ahead.

The Church, too, transitions now back into what is named ‘Ordinary Time’. We move from white liturgical colours, which make me think of snow, to green, which makes me think of springtime and growing.

Let us attempt to recognize the presence of Grace in our normal day-to-day living, and in the faces of the people around us.  God does extraordinary things in and through the ordinary things of life.  Even throughout the remaining months of winter, let us display in our acts of faith, hope and love, the signs of spring to those around us.  God wants to use ‘ordinary us’ to do extraordinary things.

It can be tempting, at this time of year, to get stuck in very negative outlooks on life and on other people.  We can be so easily weighed down by the heaviness of our problems.  The Lord invites us to use this ordinary time to see things in a positive way, and to be lightened by the early signs of God’s springtime in our souls — to move from groaning to growing.

 May this be the best ordinary time ever!