Dear Parish Family: Participate in the New Evangelization

Dear Parish Family: Participate in the New Evangelization

Dear Parish Family,

I am away for a week of winter vacation until Friday, February 8.  I leave you in the capable hands of Fr. Lawrence and Miguel while I am away.

On February 2nd, the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, the Church honours and recognizes the work of Societies of Apostolic Life and Institutes of Consecrated Life.

For many of our newcomers to this parish, I would like to share something special about us.  Since 1994, St. Maurice Parish has been pastored by the Companions of the Cross.  Begun in 1985 right here in Ottawa, and officially established as a Society of Apostolic Life in May 2003, its members (40 priests and 21 seminarians) presently serve in five dioceses:  Halifax, Toronto, Houston, Detroit, and of course, Ottawa.  Please pray for us, that we may grow in numbers, holiness and zeal for our mission.  If you don’t know much about the Companions of the Cross, please check out our bulletin board on the mezzanine, and pick up the winter 2019 issue of Gaudium — our magazine for the New Evangelization.  You can also visit our website at, or speak with one of us in person.

I would like to think that our mission is something that all of us can rally around — primarily to participate in the New Evangelization.  Would that all of us be used by God to help lead others to come to life-changing faith in Jesus Christ.  We also strive to embrace four main pillars: to foster devotion to Mary; to teach, preach and live in total faithfulness to the teaching authority of Mother Church; to be devoted to loving, adoring and honouring Jesus in his Presence among us in the Holy Eucharist; and to live in openness to the gifts, charisms and inspirations of the Holy Spirit.  We all need, Mary, the Church, the Eucharist and the Holy Spirit.  There is a newly published Canada Food Guide, but these, I believe, are the four spiritual food groups to keep a balanced life of faith!  This summer will mark 25 years of the Companions of the Cross at St. Maurice Parish.  I pray that we will all have many opportunities to grow and thrive in this wonderful mission to come more explosively alive in our faith.  May God work many wonders among us as we open our hearts and lives to Him.           

Special thanks to all who have so lovingly supported the Companions of the Cross in so many ways — spiritually, financially, in ministry and in friendship. 

The founder of the Companions of the Cross is Fr. Bob Bedard (1929-2011). He is from Ottawa, and spent many years teaching and ministering at  nearby St. Pius X High School.  May his prayers for us obtain many miracles and blessings.


In Christ,

Fr. Tim