Dear Parish Family: News and updates

Dear Parish Family: News and updates

Dear Parish Family,

As an Irishman, I wish you all the blessings in the world this Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day.  May God truly put a twinkle in your eye, a flame song on your lips, a fire of love in your hearts and a dance in your step. I have a couple of important updates and prayer requests for you to be aware of.

For a time, since November, Rebecca Atkinson was working at the office to greet and help people with various needs while the office was open. She has since moved on, and Lisa Staltari has been helping out now and again whenever she has the availability to do so.  We are still looking for someone to hire for this position, and you will see a job posting below this message.  We are hoping to have someone hired by the first week of May, God willing.  Mary-Anne O’Connor is needed to do many administrative and communications tasks which will require her full attention, and so we need someone to be working with the parishioners’ needs during the office hours.  In the meantime, she will try her best to wear two hats.  Please pray that God will send us the right person for this important position.

As you may recall, the Parish Council had its final meeting last June.  I then formed a leadership team to meet with on a weekly basis.  This is part of the vision of parish renewal presented in the book Divine Renovation.  It is coming together, but it is taking some time to learn this new way of doing things. In order to give this new team more upstart attention, it was agreed that I would use this year to learn the ropes, so to speak. The goal is to have Parish Council reconvened in September of this year.

I will need from you, recommendations of people who will be able to join me.  I am looking for parishioners who have taken or helped out with the Alpha course at least once, and who have read the book, Divine Renovation, by Fr. James Mallon.  Please send any recommended names to the office email at The deadline for recommendations will be April 30.  Hopefully, by then I will be able to begin selecting and assembling the members in preparation for September.  Please give this your prayerful and serious attention, as this will be an important part of our parish.  The leadership team that I work with is primarily dealing with tactical decisions and overall planning.  The Parish Council will be spending time with more long-term planning and visioning to ensure that we are continuing to move forward with our goals to provide many opportunities to ‘Know, Grow and Go.’

I am including all of you in my Novena to St. Joseph, leading up to March 19.  May his prayers for us be powerful in obtaining many needed Graces from God for our families, those who need work, those who are dying, and many other needs.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Tim