Dear Parish Family – Looking ahead to 2019

Dear Parish Family – Looking ahead to 2019

Dear Parish Family,

Thank you so very much for your generosity in giving Christmas gifts, food, and well wishes.  Fr. Lawrence, Miguel and I are very grateful and we have had a wonderful week. 

Fr. Lawrence and Miguel are presently in Toronto visiting family and friends until Sunday.  I will be away in Kitchener from January 1st in the afternoon until January 7.

I look forward to our December 31st Mass at 11 pm, as it is a great way to pray in the New Year.  May 2019 be a year when we can learn more about, and participate more fully in our parish vision — to KnowGrow and Go.

More efforts will be made to communicate the parish vision via homilies, YouTube videos, the website, meetings, etc.  That way, when we get to the year 2020 (20/20!) our vision will be clear!  God has a lot of work for us to do as we make ourselves available — all of us together — to be used by God to bring more people into knowing Jesus, growing in our faith, and going out to bring others along for the adventure of new life in God.

May Mary, Joseph and Jesus, the Holy Family keep all of us in the safe refuge of God’s Love as we prepare for this new year.

In Christ,

 Fr. Tim