Dear Parish Family – Know, Go, and Grow

Dear Parish Family – Know, Go, and Grow

Dear Parish Family,

There are some changes to improve the layout of our parish bulletin.  On this front page, there will be a dedicated column to focus on themes pertaining to our Vision Statement: to Know, Grow and Go. 

For the four Sundays of Advent, I would like to share four examples of people in our own parish who have experienced God breaking into their hearts and lives in a wonderful way.  Advent is a preparation time for the Feast of Christmas; the moment when Jesus, the Dawn from on high, broke upon our world in darkness.  I hope that these testimonies will stir up our thirst for God to break through into our own lives and hearts as well.  God desires to, and is fully capable of making a difference, if we let Him.  Let us pray this Advent with expectant faith for great, heavenly intervention. ‘O Come Divine Messiah!’

One of our parishioners, Angelo Fulco, participated in the Life in the Spirit Seminars this past Spring.  He has been attending Sunday Mass regularly, but for the past few years, has had a hunger for more of God’s light in his life.  When he was prayed with, for a stirring up of the Graces of the Holy Spirit, he had a powerful experience of God.  Presently, he goes to Mass a couple times a week now, he feels more calmness in his life, and he desires to help in leading others to be blessed with what he himself experienced.  He is coordinating the Alpha Course this fall at our parish.  He and his wife, Tracy, are delighted to be journeying closer to the Lord with St. Maurice’s parish community. 

Tune in next week for another example of God breaking through, into our lives.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Tim