Dear Parish Family – Kevin’s Story

Dear Parish Family – Kevin’s Story

Dear Parish Family,

 For our third Sunday of Advent, Joy Sunday, we have a story about Kevin Gibbs.

 Kevin is presently leading a team of men, running the ‘That Man is You’ program on Saturday mornings at our parish.  John Sullivan from our parish, along with one of the helpers, Alvaro Sanchez, encouraged him to attend Cursillo this November.  He took to heart Alvaro’s words “It’s a game changer.”  He wasn’t sure what to expect, but he was deeply touched by the presentations, singing, private prayer times and the prayer support of so many brothers and sisters in Christ. 

He feels as if a pot of gold was placed in his lap and he wants to share it with everyone.  He has a deeper sense of faith as a community of believers, not alone.

We praise God for touching Kevin’s life in such a wonderful way.  May God bless each of us this Christmas by breaking through into our lives with a tangible experience of His love and closeness.

 Tune in next week for another testimony from another one of our own parishioners.

 In Christ,


Fr. Tim