Dear Parish Family – Esa’s Story

Dear Parish Family – Esa’s Story

Greetings in the Lord.

For the four Sundays of Advent, I would like to share four examples of people in our own parish who have experienced God breaking into their hearts and lives in a wonderful way.  Advent is a preparation time for the Feast of Christmas; the moment when Jesus, the Dawn from on high, broke upon our world in darkness.  I hope that these testimonies will stir up our thirst for God to break through into our own lives and hearts as well.  God desires to, and is fully capable of making a difference, if we let Him.  Let us pray this Advent with expectant faith for great, heavenly intervention. ‘O Come Divine Messiah!’

For our second installment of recent spiritual experiences of members from our very own parish community, I present to you Esa George.  Esa (short for Elysia) entered into full Communion with the Catholic Church during Easter of 2009 at St. Mary’s Parish.  She married Conor George in 2013, and has two lovely children.  Though practicing her newfound faith regularly, the rigors of family life had left her feeling dry in her prayer. 

Esa attended the Women’s Cursillo weekend this past October with the hope of reconnecting with God.  At the retreat, she was challenged by the story of the Rich Young Man, to consider what she was willing to give of herself.  She experienced a sense of being cracked open throughout the weekend, leading to a transformative and palpable encounter with Jesus and she is reinvigorated in her faith. 

As she returned to her daily tasks, she experienced the hardships differently as she feels authentically connected to Jesus who never leaves her and sustains her in joy and grace. She feels now that she can truly say that Jesus is her dearest friend, and actually mean it at a very deep level.  She is so grateful to God for bringing her to this place of renewal in her spiritual life.          

It is inspiring to witness the blessing that the Ottawa Cursillo movement continues to be for many of our parishioners.  May God continue to break through into the lives and hearts of us all as we prepare for Christmas.