Dear Parish Family: Christ is Risen!

Dear Parish Family: Christ is Risen!

Dear Parish Family,

Happy Easter!  Christ is Risen!  May the joy and glory of this reality be life-giving and healing for us all.  Jesus is victorious over sin and death.  Therefore, there are no longer any problems or obstacles in our lives that He cannot overcome.  He invites us today to open wide our hearts to receive Graces untold.

As a perennial reminder, today is the beginning of a day which lingers for eight days, thus giving all believers ample time to bask in God’s grace.  Instead of cycling back to day one after seven days, as usual, we experience the eighth day, a brand new day; an eternal day; the day of resurrection and eternal life with God.  In order to celebrate this reality, there will be Mass at 9 am on Monday (Easter Sunday, part 2) and on Saturday morning at 9 am (Easter Sunday, part 7) as well as at the usual weekday Mass times.  Please come if you are able.

The eighth part of Easter Sunday, as you know, is Divine Mercy Sunday.  Please come out and join in with the prayers and devotions beginning at 2:30 pm.  Thanks to Ron Bishop for taking on the organizational duties for this wonderful event.

Finally, special thanks to all the many people and ministries that made our Holy Week and Easter celebrations so beautiful and meaningful.

With Easter Joy and heartfelt blessings,

        Fr. Tim