Dear Parish Family: Approach Him for mercy

Dear Parish Family: Approach Him for mercy


1 Cross plus 3 Nails = 4Given

Dear Parish Family,

You know the feeling you get after a nice, long, hot shower?  This is how Jesus wants us to feel in our souls after approaching Him for mercy.  Confession is a ‘second baptism’; it fully restores us to the state of grace as when we were first baptized.  I remember my Dad telling me that the angels had to hold their wings in front of their eyes when looking at us after confession because our souls shone so brightly.  God is a thorough cleaner; He doesn’t leave one speck of uncleanness on our souls after confession.  We truly become spiritually brand new.

If we allow ourselves to become too discouraged by our sins and weaknesses, we miss the joy and wonder of the glorious reality of His Divine Mercy.  As important as it is to be truly sorry for the sins we have committed, it is even more important to see them as merely a drop within the vast ocean of His merciful love.  As Psalm 103 says, ‘As far as the East is from the West, God separates us from our sins.’  He not only forgives; He forgets.  Therefore, as the expression goes, whenever the devil tries to remind us of our past, we are to remind him of his future.  Yes, we may still have residual regret or shame or embarrassment about our past sins, but these are just feelings.  If they have truly been brought to confession, they are gone forever; and that’s a fact.  May we never tire of praising God for His Mercy.  Likewise, may we, in turn, become living reflections of His Mercy to those around us.

Great is the Lord our God, for His Mercy endures forever!

        Fr. Tim