Dear Parish Family

Dear Parish Family

As we celebrate the reality of Jesus’ presence among us in the Holy Eucharist, we can reflect on a few things.  The Eucharist is a Thanksgiving Offering; an intimate communion with our living God, and a sign of unity.  Therefore, let us take time to think of all the things for which we are thankful.  We can set aside any resentment, bitterness, sadness and disappointment, and think rather of the many things, people and blessings given to us by our loving and generous Father; most especially the gift of Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Also, we all have a ‘God-shaped’ hole in our hearts which nothing else can fill.  Thankfully, in the Holy Eucharist, God fills our hearts in the most perfect way.  May we all take time to grow in our intimacy with God, who is able to fulfill our deepest desires, and to heal all of our wounds.  Jesus is truly Emmanuel — God with us.  Finally, we need more unity in our family, parish, church and world.  May the Eucharist challenge us to be more quick to forgive, to serve and to build bridges in our relationships, so to fulfill what Jesus prayed at the Last Supper ‘That they all may be one.’

I believe that our Eucharistic procession is a chance for us to show our thanksgiving for all of God’s blessings, to encourage people to desire greater intimacy with our Merciful King, and to show our unity in professing Jesus as the Lord of all.

A few notes:

Miguel is preparing to return to Detroit on June 26th to finish his studies.  It was great to have him here this past year.  He will be missed.  May God bless his journey towards the Priesthood.  Let us continue to keep him in our prayers.  He will make a fine priest indeed.

Special thanks to all who made the golf tournament and steak dinner a fun and joyful parish event.  God blessed us with a beautiful day.  Also, thanks to all who are involved in our parish picnic this weekend.  It is good to take advantage of these lovely times of year to gather together and to build community.

Finally, the next two bulletins will be designated, one for July (June 30), and one for August (August 4).  We will resume the normal weekly bulletin on the weekend of September 8th.

May God bless you all this summer with a lot of refreshment, family time, sunshine and warmth.  I will be away on vacation in Kitchener from July 8-29.

In Christ,
Fr. Tim