Dear Parish Family

Dear Parish Family

Dear Parish Family,

 With the coronavirus, society is going through many changes to prevent its spreading.  At St. Maurice, we will be following the directives of the Archdiocese of Ottawa and government officials.  At present, many parish events and gatherings have been cancelled.  Please consult the website often, and look for Constant Contact emails for current information.

As things progress, it is very important that we can keep in communication with each other, so please sign up for the Constant Contact email service if you have not already done so.  Just email us at with the subject line e-bulletin please and provide your full name. That way, if I need to give any text or video updates or messages, you will get them right away.

Like many other dioceses, our weekend Masses are cancelled, but we are still having our weekday Mass schedule.  We are presently working hard to provide live streaming capabilities for you to watch Mass at St. Maurice Church from home.  In the meantime, click  HERE for a live stream of the Mass at another Catholic Church and HERE for the Daily Mass Readings.

In the current situation, we are no longer obliged to receive Holy Communion, and so it is fitting to make what is called An Act of Spiritual Communion.  Please click HERE for one version of this prayer.

Since we are not able to attend weekend Mass, let us pray earnestly that this will change, especially as we approach Holy Week and Easter.  We need to seek the help of our Canadian Patron Saint, St. Joseph.  Please click HERE to see a Prayer to St. Joseph and join me in saying this prayer every day for our parish to walk in charity, patience, prudence and good health.  Stay connected as we may be planning some special prayer vigils or votive Masses for this situation.

We will need assistance to keep the financial needs of the parish at a manageable level, knowing full well that these may be very difficult times for the foreseeable future.  Given that we are not able to assemble for Sunday Mass, please consider giving electronically with monthly withdrawals from your account, and click HERE to make those arrangements. Also, if you want to donate at any time via email transfer, you may do so at our email:  May God continue to provide for your financial needs at this unpredictable time.

To see how our parish is responding to the coronavirus, please click HERE to refer to the present list of concrete responses on the part of our parish.

Please keep in prayer and keep in touch as we navigate our parish activities on a daily basis. Hopefully we can find ways to mobilize our efforts as required to be a helpful Christian hand to anyone in need.  This is our chance to shine.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Tim