Adoration Chapel Vacancies

Adoration Chapel Vacancies

Adoration Chapel Summer Hours

The monstrance will be reposed on Friday, June 28 at 12 midnight and regular adoration will resume again on Tuesday, September 3 at 5 am.  During this time committed adorers do not have to fulfill their vigil hours but all adorers are still welcome to visit the chapel.  If for any reason you are  not able to continue with your committed vigil hour starting in September,  please speak to your hour coordinator or send an email to

Chapel Vacancies

Starting again in September, we will need committed adorers for the following hours:

Monday:  11pm
Tuesday: 12 midnight, 9am
Wednesday:  6am, 1pm
Thursday:  1pm
Friday:  3pm
Saturday:  8am, 11am
Sunday:  11am

If you can be a regular adorer at any one of these hours, please call Tom:   613-225-4350