Adoration Chapel Vacancies

Adoration Chapel Vacancies

Adoration Chapel is in Need of Spares

Many St. Maurice parishioners have access cards for the adoration chapel and are regular casual adorers.  I am appealing to all casual adorers to please consider filling in once in a while for a committed adorer who can not make it to their regular vigil hour. These hours could be any time between 6 am and 11 pm.  All that is required is your consent to receive an email, perhaps once a week, that will indicate the hour(s) where we need an adorer.  If you are able to take one of the hours, just call the number that will be associated with that hour. Please send a message to and indicate you would be willing to receive such requests by email.

Could you not watch and pray with me one hour?”

Regular adoration has resumed.  We are still in need of committed adorers to cover all vacant hours.  If you can take one of these hours on a regular basis please contact Tom Gleeson: 613-225-4350 or

Adoration Chapel Vacancies:

12 midnight on Tuesday
6:00 am and 1 pm on Wednesday
1:00 pm and 7 pm on Thursday
5:00 am on Friday
6:00 pm on Saturday
10:00 am on Sunday