7 Practical Ways to Share the Good News!

7 Practical Ways to Share the Good News!

As many of you know, Fr. Tim and I are now in the midst of our 4th Sign Preaching Series on Evangelization.

As I shared in my first homily on evangelization, one of my favorite ways to describe evangelization is:

  Evangelization is one starving beggar telling another starving beggar where the feast is.

This requires us to share our faith with others. Often times, this happens in the form of a conversation with another person. However, many of us can feel intimated by this. I know I certainly do, especially as a natural introvert. Some may get the impression that the work of evangelization is only for extroverts or those who are gifted in speaking with people…

Well the good news is that there are many ways to evangelize. And one of the key ways is through our ACTIONS. And often times, these actions can be quite simple.

7 Practical Ways to Share the Good News (Evangelize)
1. Add a quote(s) from the Bible or Catholic saint (or other faith inspiring material) to the bottom of an email.
2. Add a phrase at the end of a home/personal voice message, like “God Bless” or some other simple words.
3. Get a personalized license plate, or a personalized license plate frame or bumper sticker that pays homage to our Catholic faith.
4. Make a ‘sign of the cross’ and pray before meals when eating at a coffee shop or restaurant.
5. Carry a rosary in a purse or backpack and don’t be afraid to use it in public (e.g. at a bus stop, on a bus, in a café, etc) as circumstances dictate.
6. Carry or wear a sacramental that you have a devotion to, like a medallion or the brown scapular.
7. Don’t work or shop on Sundays, unless absolutely necessary, and evangelize to your children by taking them to church rather than to sporting events on Sundays.
To Jesus thru Mary,

-Fr. Lawrence