Schedule of Masses

December 23, 2017—January 5, 2018

4th Sunday of Advent

Saturday, Dec. 23 5pm
Sunday, Dec. 24 9am and 11am

Christmas –  Nativity of the Lord

Sunday, Dec. 24  (Vigil) 5pm (Children’s Mass), 7pm and 9pm
Monday, Dec. 25 9am and 11am

Weekday Masses

Tuesday, Dec. 26:   9am
Wednesday, Dec. 27:   9am
Thursday, Dec. 28:   9am
Friday, Dec. 29:   9am

Feast of the Holy Family

Saturday, Dec. 30 5pm
Sunday, Dec. 31 9am and 11am

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

Sunday, Dec. 31 (Vigil) 5pm and 11pm(8pm vigil prayers until 11pm Mass)
Monday, Jan. 1 11am

Weekday Masses

Tuesday, Jan. 2 :   9am
Wednesday, Jan. 3:    9am
Thursday, Jan. 4:    9am
Friday, Jan. 5:   9am

Regular Mass schedule resumes.

PLEASE NOTE: Incense will be used at the Masses on Dec. 24 at 7pm and Jan. 1 at 11am.