Fr. Tim Devine 2013 croppedDuring this Thanksgiving weekend, let us take time to think of the many people, events and things for which we are grateful.  It is always good to count our blessings in life; to stop and smell the roses, as it were.

Fr. Lawrence is away on pilgrimage to Fatima until October 14.  He, along with the 45 pilgrims travelling with him, will be praying for us at the various Holy Sites they visit.  We are blessed to be beneficiaries of these many prayers on our behalf.  Let us also pray for the pilgrims, that they will be spiritually enriched, and return to us safely.

Thinking of Our Lady of Fatima, be sure to take note of the special devotions at the Cathedral on October 13, and at our own parish on October 14.  100 years after the Miracle of the Sun, our world is still in much need of repentance, prayer and drawing closer to God.  May we be among those who heed Mother Mary’s message, responding with renewed devotion and intercession.  In case you may not know, our parish has Mass and First Saturday Devotions every, you guessed it, first Saturday of the month at 9am.  This is one very specific response to the message of Fatima practiced at our parish.

Something to note about next weekend: Marcus, our seminarian intern this year, will be receiving the ministry of Acolyte by Fr. Allan MacDonald at the 9am Mass on October 15.  Seminarians progress from Candidate, to Lector, to Acolyte, then the Diaconate before Ordination to the Priesthood.  So, this is a very important step for Marcus on his vocational journey.  Please keep him in your prayers.  It is great having him with us this year, and I hope that you will get to know him better as the months go by.

I am thankful for my time as Pastor at St. Maurice Parish.  I entrust all of you to God and I hope that this year will be filled with many blessings for whatever is going on in each of our lives.

With thanksgiving and affection,
Fr. Tim