Fr. Tim Devine 2013 cropped

This weekend we celebrate the closing of our liturgical year with the great promise of Jesus, our King, setting all things right.  Let us invite Him, even now, to set things right in our lives.  He is a Good King, full of Mercy, Truth and Peace.  Would that all of us experience in some way this goodness of His, as we open our hearts and lives to His rule.  Come Lord Jesus!

Next Sunday, we begin the Advent Season.  The first weekend of Advent will be quite full, so please keep your eyes on the bulletin.  For instance, we will be having a Name-Tag Sunday. If you are up for the challenge, consider sitting in a different pew in order to be around different people, and try to meet one new person.  Remember, don’t judge a book by its cover, and expect God to surprise you.

Also, please consider purchasing and reading Matthew Kelly’s book The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic.  This book will be a focal point for our parish between now and next summer.  Fr. Lawrence and I will be focusing our homilies this Advent on the first sign, namely prayer.

Finally, once again, we will be raising money for Chalice this Advent.  Please consider putting a donation in the box to put an ornament on the tree.  I hope that by Christmas, the tree will be filled with the signs of our thoughtfulness and support for children in need throughout the world.

Have a blessed week and I look forward to beginning another year’s journey with all of you as we strive to become ever more faithful disciples of our King, Jesus, Lord of Glory.

      Yours in Christ,

          Fr. Tim