Fr. Tim Devine 2013 croppedThis is the weekend when we honour and celebrate our Patron Saint, Maurice.  It is an opportune time for us, as parishioners under his name and legacy, to ask him to pray for us.  I hope that all of us will experience in some tangible way the power of God in our lives in answer to St. Maurice’s prayers.

As we begin this new pastoral year, I want to formally welcome Fr. Lawrence, Marcus and our two new staff members, Matthew Dunham and Kayla Bearse.  I look forward to ministering with them.  Please keep them and the fruitfulness of their ministry in your prayer intentions.

If you or anyone you know wishes to pursue Baptism, Communion, Confirmation or Marriage, this is the optimum time to make sure that you or others register in our various preparation programs.

On this Nametag Sunday, and at our Parish BBQ, let us make sure that we attempt, in some way, to get to know somebody new.

Fr. Lawrence, Marcus and myself wish you all the blessings of this Holy Feast.  May God truly make of us a community, lively in faith, with the joy of the Gospel evident among us.

Sincerely in our Lord, Jesus,

Fr. Tim