chapel croppedThe Blessed Sacrament has been reposed for the summer months.  It shall remain reposed until Wednesday morning, September 6, 2017 after the 9:00 am Mass, at which time it shall be exposed.  During the times above, committed adorers need not fulfil their hours, but all are invited to pray with reverence in the chapel. Please note that the same graces are received by the adorer whether the Blessed Sacrament is reposed or exposed.

Adoration Chapel Vacancies

These are the hours that are currently vacant in the adoration chapel.  Over the summer please prayerfully consider whether the Lord is calling you to become a committed adorer for one of these hours.  For more information contact Tom Gleeson at 613-225-4350 or

 TUESDAY—2am and 9pm

WEDNESDAY— 3am, 5am and 6pm

THURSDAY—4am , 5am , 11am, 3pm and 9pm

FRIDAY— 9pm, 10pm and 11pm

SATURDAY—6am, 9pm, 10pm and 11pm